Next Door’s Cat

Minstrel Checks the Coast is Clear

He’s not my favourite cat, and Cat used to beat him up on a daily basis for most of his life until last year when Minstrel slowly worked out that his tormentor was not as fit and young as he had been. At which point, the worm turned, and Minstrel started to flex his also aging muscles. He has tried intimidating Sonny with some success, mainly I think because Sonny was so surprised at being challenged, but he bullies Not Cat, and that I do not approve of at all.

9 thoughts on “Next Door’s Cat

  1. Now did you feel the same way about Cat bullying Minstrel, or did you disapprove of him also?

    I think about Pushkin and he rarely flexed a muscle, but he had a brooding presence about him that terrified all of the cats round her. I wonder how his new home turned out. I saw a cat down the road that could well have had some of his blood in her.

    Not Cat is so handsome! Does he take a bad photo??? 😀

    • It was Cat’s garden. He was defending his territory. 🙂
      And his attitude did make sure we weren’t overrun with cats.
      Sonny does the brooding presence very well, and he is also the local kitten father.

      No I don’t think Not Cat ever looks bad in a photo!

    • My pleasure.
      I do feel a bit mean about discouraging Minstrel, as I don’t think he has a very happy homelife, but `sonny has no homelife at all! And Not Cat is too much of a babe to fight.

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