Sweet Dreams

White Rose

She’s made it.

Tonight Mother sleeps in her new bed in her new room in her new home for the first time.

She has her favourite picture to look at, a print of Paul Henry painting of Connemara, a newly washed teddy bear, familiar bed linen she chose herself, and the first mug of hot original flavour Complan she’s enjoyed in about six weeks.

I’m told that she was hugged and kissed hello, and although confused she was not upset.
Aunt visits tomorrow.

A new chapter begins.

10 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams

  1. Thank-you both.

    Yes, we still have to clear the flat and decide which f Mother’s things she can have at the nursing home, but it does feel like a hopeful start. Obviously, I am looking forward to hearing what Aunt has to say tomorrow.

    I slipped and turned my foot tonight, so it’ll be an enforced restful couple of days for me! Though, having said that, i shall have to hobble after Not Cat who is determinedly exploring further afield, much to my mixed pride and alarm.

    • Thank-you. I am going to call shortly to see how she was last night, but I think I’ll give the staff some time to finish breakfasts etc.
      My foot is very bruised and I am wondering about a trip to the local Minor Injuries unit. I realise now my wrist is bruised too.

  2. I’ve found that a bag of frozen peas, wrapped in an old tea towel, works wonders. While you are implementing RICE, reading anything worth a mention?
    I hope your mother had a good night in her new home.

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