Another Brick in the Wall

Our garden walls, which I love, were originally part of a nineteenth century steamworks and laundry. There is a patina of paint that is threatened at regular intervals by zealous residents who want to paint it all white. So far, that hasn’t happened.

I’m glad. Our walls seem like a vertical archaeological site.

But the various ivies and climbing plants were ripped down last year for fear they might be causing damage. Some small remnants are left. To my eye, they look almost like fossils, and I find them very attractive.

But then I don’t want to whitewash our walls.


8 thoughts on “Another Brick in the Wall

  1. Oh dear, I’ve just spent a small fortune trying to eliminate years of ivy from my painted brickwork here on the house.

    They are extraordinarily difficult to remove, but I haven’t bothered with the garden wall. I wouldn’t paint it white anyway.

  2. I have lots of pictures of our walls, in detail and as backgrounds to Cat, Not Cat and flowers.
    I shall be more than happy to share them.
    i am quietly enamoured by the various colours. They are a type of poem.
    Another neighbour, who lives the other side of the wall, which would have been the exterior of the steamworks, admires our side greatly, and reckons people would pay a fortune to get this gently distressed look.

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