Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

I think I may have to post a few pictures for this one. Maybe one a day.

Frosted Rope

So, this one first. It’s been a long time since I’ve chilled on my boat, and this picture is a nice reminder that it is also fun in cold weather if I have the right clothing…

13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured

  1. wonderful – texture layered onto texture. the rope in itself is already so rich, and the frost adds another dimension. thanks for sharing.
    thank you also for stopping by my ‘texture’ post and for your kind words. and yes you are right – it is good old “Stiffel” (Boots) on the post. Such a soft fur she has, I could not leave her out of the collage 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

    • oops, i shouldn’t try to be so hi-tech. that &npsp; above was supposed to have a “b” after the “n”…… sigh.
      ah well. feel free to edit my remark if you like, and then you can delete this one. but no pressure 🙂 cheers!

      • yes, i am rather fond of Stiffel. Unfortunately she lives some 8,000+ kilometers away so i only see her when i am visiting in germany.
        no pressure about the letters if it is too much trouble. i will give you an example, if that’s ok, of what it should have looked like.
        example: I want to leave a space after this line, so i will key in the letters that will do that. you can see them if you elect to ‘edit’ this comment. it will have, all run together without spaces the following 6 keys:
        & n b s p ;
        However, because I have included spaces, you can see all 6 characters. If I type them on the next line, and all run together without spaces – they will not appear in this comment (unless you open the ‘edit’ view), but they will create a space between this line and the next:
        like this 🙂 And if that doesn’t make sense, then no worries. It’s really ok. Have a wonderful day!

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