My favourite comment ever in spam was the one that said that my posts had Pullitzer Prize winning qualities. I don’t recall what merchandising site it was linked to, but it made me laugh and laugh.
I got six spam comments today. A high number always makes me look. These are all sites where they have posted a link to my page and want me to comment, I think the purpose is to increase my readership. I’m not sure as my Polish is very limited.
Checking my spam also led me to find that I had been given a blogging award, or maybe it’s just a nomination and there’ll be a vote, and I’ll have to put on that brave smiley face that shows I don’t mind losing.
I didn’t even know there were blogging awards until the other day, now every page I look at seems to be festooned with them.
So I am thanking Aurora publicly now, and when I’ve read the small print I’ll see if it’s just the smile or if I have to do something else.

14 thoughts on “Spam-U-Like

  1. Hi Isobel….conCATulations on the blog award. I wonder if anyone offers a SPAM award – – – seems there’s a lot of it floating around in cyberspace. Some of us are real spam-magnets. 🙂

    Sam (and Pam)

    • Yours, if i remember correctly, is one of the festooned ones! So concatulations to you too. I still haven’t done anything about it, and i want to eat before Downton Abbey starts, so no much chance tonight. Then tomorrow I am at the theatre. Oh dear, I’m not very good at this…
      I shall have to make time.
      I like the idea of a spam award. I have another of the same ilk as the earlier six now.

    • Thanks!
      Maybe there have been dozens more lost to spam, though somehow I don’t think so. Unless that ref to the Pullitzer Prize… 🙂
      I am mildly curious about where these awards originated. Who was the blogger who first bestowed one on his or her fellows?

  2. I never receive spam, but then I checked the box to say I don’t appear in search engines.

    I feel like I’m missing out now, however, I will revert to looking at my email spam folder for some interesting offers instead 😀

  3. Just looked at my spam. There were three messages, but my prize for today goes to the one on my pink hats post:
    “Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time”
    Any ideas?

    Do you never get spam Sophie? Nothing offering to help you enlarge appendages you don’t have?
    Kay, I think the Pullitzer bit wasn’t real, but I have got the other one! Please continue to be amazed…

    • I get lots of spam through email, but not from WordPress. Apparently 3 spam comments have been intercepted by Aksimet though! I have not been able to see them to find out if they were for appendage enlargement though 😀

  4. Lots of spam, crazy messages, might start collecting the most absurd and make a posting of them one day, lol. However did you manage to spot those pink hats in the tree? I’m sure I would have missed them entirely. Festooned Blog Awards, yes, agree but I think it’s just a way of getting more readers for some pages and discovering new blogs is always fun. I didn’t include just new blogs but a few I just love and return to often because the quality is so consistently engaging. That book you are reading sounds interesting, I LOVED the Poisonwood Bible but then Kingsolver can do no wrong in my world, lol.

    • I saw one on of of the daily posts yesterday as well.
      A Christmas book perhaps?
      The tree is in my street. i just looked up and there they were. reminded me of Blue in the face, or maybe it was smoke, where two of the people spend their time removing plastic bags from trees.
      Maybe i’ve just noticed awards. the page that was festooned rather puzzled me. I didn’t look that carefully, and now don’t remember whose it was, perhaps fortunately, but at the bottom there seemed to be what i took for lots of campaign or product endorsements. Maybe they were, but I now suspect they were awards!
      Isn’t Barbara Kingsolver an amazing writer? I haven’t read any of her non-fiction, have you? Anabel was beautifully paced and written. a very impressive first novel. I passed it to a colleague who also rated it highly.

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