Sofa Farewell

The sofa has gone. Nearly. The council didn’t collect it, so it’s sitting rather forlornly in the street with a job number pinned onto it. If it hadn’t been so hard to take it downstairs, I might be tempted to rescue it.

It appears in so many photos of Cat and Not Cat that it would probably come up as a recognised face in i-photo if I looked.

Remember this?

Sofa Cat

We had to take the wheels off to achieve its egress. That sounds like a simple screwdriver job, but they had been firmly attached and would not come out without a fight. Bits of wheel all over the shop. I grovelled around on the floor collecting them up. Not Cat hid under the bed.

P was worried I was having a heart attack as we manoeuvred it through three doors and down two flights of stairs. Most physical activity makes my face a becoming shade of tomato within seconds. He looked at me worriedly over the banister and suggested we might rest. I was actually feeling ok, though a trifle warm, and I was glowing quite heavily. Only the concern in his eyes made me realise he thought I might be about to keel over.

The sitting room suddenly looks much bigger, though I’ve done my best to fill it up with bits from the car which are sitting on a spread of newspaper like a misguided artist’s idea of installation art. 

There’s one hole in the wall, but it’s only small.

8 thoughts on “Sofa Farewell

  1. You usually find yourself saying “Well it went in ok, so it has to come out ok”. Don’t be surprised if its gone by morning, men in white vans soon get hear when something is on a pavement 🙂 I bet you were getting a sweat on, in this heat too, good job done Isobel, pour yourself a glass of medicine 😉

  2. I do still have one sofa, but I am getting my inheritance – furniture of Mother’s – early. It’s already been earmarked by Nephews for when I downsize, but I’ll enjoy it for a few years I hope.
    I am hoping that if Mother settles at the home, I can get back on track for a new kitchen and replacing my very manky sitting room carpet!
    Not Cat is asleep on the floor where the sofa used to be, but he was enjoying the many cushions on the remaining sofa earlier on.

  3. Hi Isobel – I totally sympathise with sofa removals. Good that your sofa accomplice was monitoring your condition closely though. I always think a sofa is too much for a woman. I couldn’t keep my end up when we tried to get ours through the living room door. Ended up sawing it in half at midnight with much cursing and bad feeling.

    Shouldn’t your “bits from the car” be actually IN the car? The engine perhaps. My mind is boggling. 🙂

  4. There’s a lot to be said for living in a house when moving furniture – but my sofa can only get in through the patio doors. Oh, and the handmade solid wooden bedframe had to have one of the legs sawn off to allow it to go upstairs. It was subsequently reattached.

    I shall look forward to the new sofa appearing as a backdrop to many pictures of Not Cat.

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