Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

Is there anything that defines comfort more than a happy, sleeping cat?

Sleeping Cat


21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort

  1. Thanks everyone for liking this. I still get a clutch at my heart and a lurch to my stomach looking at photos of Cat. I would never have dreamt that a cat could come to mean so much to me as he did.
    I expect he was snoring when I took this picture. He’s on the end of my bed, and absolutely sound asleep, perfectly relaxed and comfortable.

  2. that is, in fact, how you spell comfort, ‘C-a-t-I-n-H-o-u-s-e’. people kept forgetting the capital letters, so over time it got changed to simply, comfort 🙂
    Cats have a way of making their way into your home, but before long they get into your heart, which according to them is as it should be. Because, frankly, what’s not to love?
    thanks for sharing.

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