Bicycle Repairs and Brown Rice

Fingers crossed, so far I’ve not had a puncture. I do have a repair kit somewhere, but as I had to consult the manual just to get my rear light cover off this morning, I’m not hoping to have to cope with the broken nails and doubtless humiliation that the task probably involves any day soon.

Luckily for me, closish to home, and on my way to and from work, is a little outfit offering sanctuary. It’s a left over from the eighties, a sort of protest and survive pad, a self-help place of the type that you used to find decades ago, but which largely vanished when padded shoulders and big hair became fashionable.

You can probably get the feel of the place from this noticeboard.

Several evenings a week, they run free bike workshops. Adults with bikes much cleaner and shinier than mine, and kids with bikes in all states of disrepair, assemble on the pavement and look frighteningly proficient with spanners and other things manual. They pumped my tyres up a couple of weeks ago and warned me that I might need new ones before long.

It’s all very relaxed yet organised. A proper ground-roots sort of place. If they didn’t stock anarchist literature alongside the brown rice in the adjoining shop, I’d be more enthusiastic, but I have a built in antipathy to anywhere that sells pirates’ flags.

6 thoughts on “Bicycle Repairs and Brown Rice

  1. It’s good you have a spot relatively close to home and job where you can stop in and get assistance with the bike stuff should the need arise….it’s nice they offer bike workshops too – I think we have a similar shop in our town….it helps that we are living in a SMALL town though because no doubt help would be hard to find in the big city (i.e., Washington DC).

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. I love people who know what they’re doing with bikes. I could watch them for ages. I don’t ever aspire to have that gift, although I was a bit proud of myself when I worked out how to adjust my skippy rear gears with a quarter turn of a phillips screw.

    I like the look of your local cycle repair place, Isobel. Have you attended one of their workshops? I’m tempted to go to the next “ladies evening” at Mud Dock in Bristol just to find out the latest on puncture repairs (hoping there’s some kind of new magic involved) but I never want to get all hot and bothered and pathetic at a roadside. I’d rather just take a mobile phone and a ten pound note to call a taxi to take me and the bike home, then spend all of a Sunday mending the puncture! 🙂

    • I was thinking of you when I posted this Jan. Again, cross my palm etc. It’s v near a Boris bike station.
      No, all i’ve done is stop for a brief chat. It was very quiet when I went by this evening and the perfect time to stop but I was tired and just wanted to get home and check out the M&S meal deal.
      I think I shall make a date with myself to attend one day and learn how to give my bike a check up. Also to take my puncture kit to find if it’s up to scratch. But I am absolutely with you about the return to comfort and security of home for such repairs. Note to self, make sure to have some money for taxi.

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