At the Marina

I hope to be there next week, probably wrapped in layers of blankets and wearing thick socks, inducting Not Cat, visiting Mother, working a bit, reading a bit, taking photos.

Reposting yesterday sent me back to photos, especially as I had a longish boat conversation with Steve, the guy who fitted my shutters today, and who is a bit low. I think what he needs is a boat. He’s going to call me when he gets one.


In the meantime, here are two photos from August 2010 which I have not previously posted.


Along the Pontoon

The River


14 thoughts on “At the Marina

  1. Lovely shots…….the bottom water shot is so serene – love the “fluffy” greenery at the bottom. Your boat shot is nice as well – pretty boats. Either one of those “das boot” ? Hubby’s brother and his wife have a boat and we always appreciate the opportunity to enjoy it with them.


  2. Yes I like the sky very much in pic 2. We have friends who go boating and one of their few complaints – they love the pace and the peace – is getting woken at unearthly hours by deafening dawn choruses! 🙂

    • You know, I don’t think that’s ever happened to me at the marina. Funny. It has happened here in London though!
      I find sleeping on the boat is great. I always sleep well, even when it’s windy and the ropes are creaking. That may all change with Not Cat…

  3. Isobel you and Not Cat will have to stay warm next week there at the Marina. Don’t you just love the sound of the water tickling the boat at night? Not to mention the gentle rocking. May not get much rocking if your boat is tied up in a quiet place. I enjoy your Marina pictures and I like the bottom shot very much. I love pictures of water where the landscape is reflected. I am going to have to go back and look at the video of Cat and the boat, I didn’t realize that was your boat. I kept thinking Cat was going to jump aboard!

    • Fortunately i have heating aboard and also heaters.
      It’s the shower-block that worries me more. It’s like a fridge the moment the temperature drops, and for the first time I shan’t access to a shower at Mother’s.
      I agree, it’s lovely sleeping afloat, and just chilling with a book as you are gently rocked. I probably watch more television afloat than I do at home.
      Cat does jump aboard at the end of the clip. Looking at him, I am amazed at the whiteness of his fur and reminded of how gorgeous he was. I wish I had more videos of him, and I am very glad to have this one.

  4. This is Not Cat’s first visit to the boat since he became an outdoor junkie? I’m sure you’ll have lots of ‘fun’! 😀

    Cat was a very red ginger wasn’t he? He did look like he was in fabulous condition in the video – that can’t have been much more than a year or so before he died? Gorgeous Boy indeed xxx

  5. I think it may be a bit of a nightmare. i think we’ll only stay a couple of nights.

    Yes, I am stunned looking at his pix at his colouring, and i think the contrast made his gingerness even more striking.

    He looked in great shape always. He didn’t get that ratty coat or dull fur some older cats have. i was looking at a picture of him earlier from this time last year and he was stunning. So hard to look at a photo where you can see each hair so clearly yet not be able to touch him. 😦

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