Checking Out the Neighbours

Not Cat likes to see what the neighbours are up to. This was what I saw earlier today when I looked out of the window.

On the Wall

I played about with Smilebox for a while and settled on this arrangement.

13 thoughts on “Checking Out the Neighbours

  1. Amazingly enough, he’s asleep at the moment! And unlike Cat, he doesn’t snore loudly, so is pretty quiet. When I juice some oranges in a minute I suspect I shall wake him.

  2. What great photos ….Not Cat’s coloring is so beautiful with all those lovely ginger/caramel swirls. These pix show that off so nicely. Sam loves to “spy” on the neighbors too……not from a wall but from UNDER our leyland cypress trees that border the yard. He gets under and watches the kids play, squirrels and chipmunks dart about…..they’re just kids after all! 🙂


  3. He was in exactly the same spot an hour or so ago staring down two foxes who were further along the wall.
    I managed to persuade him to come in. Seems I have another cat who objects to foxes in his garden.

    • Blow them up?!
      Such explosive intentions for my pix.
      Mind you, you may have hit on something. If these pix can’t be played with in this format it makes them less easy to copy I imagine.

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