Afloat Again

This is from last night, when the connection kept failing, as it well may do today too.

Due to the rain earlier today, I ummed and ahhed about coming East. I don’t like the mud/boat combination. Too much cleaning and dirty bits of newspaper are involved. So it was as the sun was setting that we arrived. The view across the fens on the approach road was beautiful.I was tempted to stop and get out my camera, but common sense prevailed. It had been a lovely afternoon and the countryside in its late autumn colours, under blue skies, was like a travel brochutre with knobs on.

We are alone. There is no one else at the marina, and from the lack of cars, I’d say no one out on their boat from here either. It could be scary but it’s not. I rather enjoyed showing Not Cat the ropes. He hasn’t been on das Boot since May, though he had a mooch about the marina a few weeks ago.

Some bad moments when I came aboard ahead of Not Cat. I wanted to turn on the electrics and run the engine for a while to get us hot water. The engine wouldn’t start. My heart fell. But I got a new battery earlier in the year, so even while I was envisaging an evening with the battery charger on and the floor up, I persevered. Hurrah! Lift off.

I didn’t think the Ginger Ninja would particularly enjoy the sound, so I left him in his box while I unloaded the car. I hope that in future I’ll be able to let him out to sniff around and then make his own way down to the boat as Cat learned to do.

Not Cat explored while I unpacked and wiped surfaces, cleaning the spider poo of the last few weeks and washing down the draining board. He seemed fine, so I guess he must have left his territorial marks, fortunately not pungent ones, back in May.

I thought the boat would be cold, but although I’ve added a fleece and the electric blanket is on to air the bed, I‘ve only just closed the windows, open to clear the condensation from cooking supper. Which I thought might also be off the menu when the gas wouldn’t light. I seemed for a few crucial moments to be facing a meal of old Bombay mix and cold baked beans.

Not Cat has had a good look out of the windows and signaled his desire to explore outside, but is now asleep in the cat bed beside me. I’ve brought lots of toys to entertain him, and I’m hoping he’s not going to be too active tonight.

As usual I had overestimated the fridge’s capacity, so I’ve got some lagers chilling outside on the gunwhale. I think, now I’ve had dinner, it’s time to pop one open. I’d hate them to go to waste.


12 thoughts on “Afloat Again

    • Well, that’s a challenge. I have some pix I’d like to include and each one takes an age to upload. Maybe if I start now and plan going to be after midnight, I may manage it. 🙂

  1. Sounds idyllic Isobel, all cosy and quiet, and yes, you are wise to open a beer, they go off so quickly 🙂 🙂
    The photograph captures the serenity. lovely.
    I’m just about to pour a glass of the red stuff, then have my supper. My Son had made a beef stew last night, so it paid off showing my begging bowl.

  2. Amazing, being the only person in the marina, Isobel! I can’t call it solitude because you have Not Cat for company and entertainment. Sounds like he’s settling in nicely.

    I love cold baked beans. Branston.

    • I had Heinz. Only i didn’t eat them in the end. Now home, I realise I forgot to empty the compost bin so that is going to be v smelly when I return…
      There were lots of people today. Boats being taken out for winter, one going back in.

  3. What a lovely scene you’ve painted of you and Not Cat alone on the boat. That photo is quite lovely and so peaceful looking there on the water……..sigh………(a sign of envy).


    • Yes it was lovely. And after the rain on Thursday night, we had a cold and misty start to what turned out to be a beautiful day. I set to cleaning das Boot and got a blister on my palm for my efforts, but she does look a lot nicer.
      You are right to be envious. I am very lucky!

  4. Yes we are. Condensation is the biggest problem. It’s very well getting warm and snug, but not so great when the windows are like miniature waterfalls. I bought a little gadget that is supposed to help, but it doesn’t seem to do much.

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