Ginja Ninja Aboard

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The Ginja Ninja slept pretty well. He did wake me a couple times, but nothing dramatic, just from some determined digging in the litter tray. Actually I think it was the rain that woke me more.

Morning came, the sun rose as far as it was likely to get, and we were both curled up in deep sleep. Expecting a rainy morning I wasn’t that eager to leap out of bed, so it was a nice surprise to wake up to silence and realise it had stopped.

Making breakfast inevitably fills das Boot with condensation so I opened doors and windows, and watched to see what the boy would do. He went out of the doors at the back of the boat, climbed onto the step, had a good sniff at the gunwhale and came back inside.

While I drank my coffee, he explored the fore cabin and looked out of the window, then moved towards the open window. First one paw then another stepped out onto the gunwhale. He looked about him with evident curiosity and I thought, “This is it”. But then he looked over the side of the boat and seemed to realise for the first how close the water was. He came back on board with wide eyes and his ears twisted back so he looked like an owl.

I am rather pleased by his reaction. Could it be that he is going to show some respect for his personal safety and water? Or will the first flying insect that he wants to chase cause him to forget and see him fly out of the window and into the water?


14 thoughts on “Ginja Ninja Aboard

  1. So you’re out on the Fens?

    I thought you were somewhere on the Thames, don’t know why. Maybe when you spoke of going east I thought of places like Canvey Island. Not that I’ve ever been there.

    NotCat seems pretty confident.

  2. Yep, we’re in the back of beyond with the rain pelting down. Bed in a moment and a book. I want Not Cat to enjoy being on the boat, and that means having some freedom. It took Cat a while to get used to it, so I hope Not Cat will be able to go ashore, supervised of course, and maybe as he’s younger he’ll learn about the boat swinging from the pontoon and put it into his calculations when he jumps.
    I have the landing net and extra towels at the ready!

  3. Oh fun….! Not Cat appears to be enjoying this new world on the water…..hopefully not IN the water – just watching it, listening to it, and snuggling with you on board the cozy boat.


  4. I think Not Cat is going to be a natural at boating! Before we moved to the country 6 years ago we lived on a large public lake. Our home was right on The Lake and we had our own dock. Country Cat was a Lake Cat then and she figured out the changing distances from the dock to the boats in no time. Not Cat will too. She had some close calls! She loved stretching out on the ramp with her front paws dangling down watching the fish do what fish do. I am enjoying both of your experiences on the boat. My husband read this post with me and looked at your collage. Made us both smile.

      • Isobel we weren’t taking photos much 6 years ago but I do have some. I will have to look through my old pictures and scan a couple for you. Distinctly remember one of “Z” trotting up the ramp to the house with her tail in happy tail position all full of herself. I know I have some shots of her cruising all over the fishing boat. “Z” was Lake Cat/Country Cat’s real name. I am off to look at your video, I have been here on your blog forever this morning reading comments and looking at your new posts!

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