Feline Adventures on the Gunwhale

The shaky video is down to my nerves I’m afraid, but it is a recording of Not Cat’s first steps on the gunwhale. He was very cautious. Too cautious perhaps. More likely to lose his balance through indecision. Later, in the early hours, we both watched one of the feral cats showing us how it’s done. She leapt confidently onto das Boot from the path, peered inside and when she realised she was being watched in return, leapt equally confidently onto the pontoon and disappeared into the night.

Still, I’m proud of my boy, and I’m looking forward to documenting his progress, but I think we might wait until the spring to let him really explore.


14 thoughts on “Feline Adventures on the Gunwhale

  1. That was a very cautious boy – his eyes looked haunted at one point. It looks like he’s showing a flehmen response sniffing the pebbles (?) at the beginning. Lots of new smells for him!

    Just make sure you’ve got your camera on a strap round your neck next time – at least if you drop it, it won’t go far 😀

  2. He did really well. He seems a little befuddled by the movement of the boat and at one point early in the video I thought the mooring line was going to give him a good jerk as it tightened up. But it just lightly bumped. My heart skipped a beat when he came out the window and made a left and tentatively made his way to the bow of the boat! I thought he was a bit skeptical about the bumper/fender too. Don’t know what you call them there. We always called them “rubber baby buggy bumpers” 🙂 das Boot is very cool Isobel, nice boat. You lucky woman!

      • 🙂
        Morris Minors are iconic cars here. You still see them sometimes on the roads.
        New boats for the Broads are very swish and very expensive, but i think the Safaris look like little boats you’d have in the bath!

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