Clearing Mother’s flat a few weeks ago, I found this multi-coloured piece of string. Not Cat enjoyed playing with it, and beyond wondering momentarily where it had come from, I didn’t think much about it.

I picked it up one day and noticed that it had two little bits of black cotton attached to one end. Suddenly I knew its provenance.

Cat used to have a small mouse wrapped in rainbow string. I haven’t seen it for a while. It must have been left at Mother’s flat. Her dementia causes her to fiddle with and often destroy everyday objects.

I imagine in this case she began with the tail and the mouse became history.

7 thoughts on “Unravelled

    • I rather wish now that I had photographed her disemboweled ‘phone and various alarm clocks that she systematically dismantled. So far, we’ve not had the loose thread on a jumper episode.
      She was very pleased to see me and pretty lucid about some family stories. We had a good poetry session with Stevie Smith’s Galloping Cat going down particularly well. She seems happy.

  1. I couldn’t help but recall my experience with my own Mom. As the mind unravels, so do the objects around them perhaps. Interesting though that you figured out just where that multi-colored string came from!


  2. Did your mother fidget with things too?
    I bought mine a twiddle muff, but when it came home from hospital some of the attachments were missing, so now it’s just a muff really.
    I see the Alzheimer’s Society is doing a rather nice cushion that I may get for her birthday next month.

    • I ache for the daily loss you experience.

      My own mother is 86+ and is still all there, but is beginning to fade away. I see her once a week now that I’m unemployed and know that the time I spend now will give me comfort in the future.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that your mum has dementia. My mother is 85 and has just joined Facebook! We are constantly amazed by her activities and also grateful that we still have her with all of her faculties intact.

    I shall be hiding some of my posts however! Even in my fifties, she is still my mother!

  4. Yes it is a cruel disease. Very distressing and disorientating for the sufferer. I still see vestiges of the mother I used to have, but it has been a journey to another unknown place.

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