46 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

  1. I particularly like the window on the third row on the right – the sky with clouds reflected back out of the window in the brick wall

  2. Yes. I nearly posted that one on its own. I took it the other day. And I know I have another one I like, but I couldn’t spot it.
    Just getting my heartbeat back to normal after searching thirty minutes for Not Cat who went AWOL. I think he may have been in someone’s house as he was suspiciously warm when he turned up.
    Bed now. Sweet dreams.

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  6. I like the lone Window, just a shame there wasn’t a Hitchcock type figure on the other side, in eerie silhouette πŸ™‚
    The best for me, is centre, bottom row, the focus is spot on Isobel.

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone. I want to learn how to insert a sheet of contact prints as I have seen on other pages. If anyone can tell me how it’s done I’d be very grateful.
    I am going to be pretty busy today. I look forward to catching up on other entries later. πŸ™‚

  8. I love windows – all those wonderful shapes that we see our world through (including NotCat!!). These are great photos – of course my favorite is the one with NotCat but all of them are interesting.


  9. So the consensus seems to be for my neighbours’ window with reflected clouds and Not Cat being perilous!
    You will understand why I invested in shutters to allow air in but stop him from walking out!

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