21 thoughts on “Knotted

  1. Hmm. It’s not a round turn and two half hitches. It might be a clove hitch… help me out here.. 🙂 It’s a long time since my Dayboat Certificate

  2. I’d say it was a round turn and two half hitches, a clove hitch is not something I’d use for mooring, but I’ve forgotten most of my knots too. 😦

    I was taught to splice ropes by a retired naval officer some years ago, but it played havoc with my nails.

  3. I did knots at the Brownies and for my Helms(wo)man’s certificate, but I forget them immediately, so i have a very nice book, aimed at children, on das Boot and I check it and have a quick practice when I need to do anything, but these ropes are permanently tied to the pontoon, and just loop over the cleats on the boat, much easier and more practical!

    • It is indeed. I have a NaNoWriMo question: Each time I upload my meagre amount of words, I have to upload everything from scratch. Am I doing something wrong? It seems odd that I can’t just add the new stuff, but I can’t see how or where. Come to that, I can’t see it all once I’ve uploaded, just the wordcount. I should finish by 2016.

      • at the top right of your page when you’re logged on there’s a small section with ‘Howdy’ and then your name. To the right of that there’s the box with your number of words in it. Simply type in your new total and click ‘update word count’ to the right of it. And that’s it.

        You can then click on the tab that says ‘stats’ and it will tell you how you are doing in terms of reaching the target. Last night it told me that at this rate I’d finish on Christmas Eve. Hey ho

        • Thanks Pseu, but I think I’ve tried that and it just changes the number. I mean is there anyway I can just post the next batch of words to add onto what I’ve a;ready done? I have to post the lot from word one.

      • I’m not posting any words, just the word count. My words are on my computer only! I don’t think I knew you could actually post the words, Where do you d that?

        • Ah! That’d work far better. Brill. Thanks. 🙂
          There’s a bit that says I’m ready to post my novel – and if you do it just updates everything. Can’t see it though!

  4. Isobel, a very neat tack sharp picture of a what the heck kind of knot.The colors and textures on the background make a cool picture. We always used a quick release knot used for tying horses, I know we were bad but our boat was always on a lift out of the water. We just used a large snap hook from the bow to secure us to the dock.

  5. I used to manage some good knots that I learned when I was a girl guide long time ago, now!
    Anyway, your picture is a neat detailed shot of a well workwd out knot (it seems, a good knot to me!)

  6. Hi Araminta! Sad isn’t it that we’ve forgotten? I had to identify and tie knots for that boating certificate.

    As Pseu says, we all admire the fact that it is a very neat knot with quite attractive rope! 🙂

  7. It’s a perfect knot, whatever it is. I was more of a sweetdays kind of person;rather more focussed on a quick release knot for horses etc. If a serious sit and stay knot was needed, I tied one, but would ask someone to check it, just in case.

    A pleasing picture, Isobel.

    • I don’t remember the Hostess one. My Brown Owl wasn’t very badge orientated. I did Safety in the Home for badgework, but we had knot tying every week. God knows why; we never camped or went near a river, and our need for knots on hikes was severely limited!

      • The Hostess one is the only one I remember. I had to bake some Fairy cakes and make a cup of tea. I don’t remember much about what we did there but I do remember Brown Owl was called Liz and her assistants (I don’t know if they had official titles) were Joan and Jennifer.

        We did do ‘inspection’ which I only remember being told off for having spilt my beans on toast on my uniform (it was a quick and easy meal to get there on time) and biting my nails….. 😀

        • Our Brown Owl was Miss something. I think it began with E. Shge was great. She wore calipers on both legs but that didn’t stop her taking us striding across the Downs.
          I was a Sixer, my earliest taste of responsibilities. We had a horse chestnut tree in the grounds of our hut and by inspection time in autumn we were always filthy!

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