Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

Wonder is what makes many of us reach for our cameras. Predictably, that wonder is often at things we see in nature. Also predictably, i’ve included some pictures of my cat as he looks wide-eyed at the world about him.

22 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wonder

  1. Outstanding examples of “wonder” – everything from “I wonder what that interesting yellow leaf/flower is” to “I wonder how on earth spiders do such magical things with their webs” to the look of wonder NotCat has as he gazes at something on the sidewalk or up in the air. Love these all and it was fun looking at each and thinking in general of the wonder of nature…………….


  2. I enjoyed all your pictures for the wonder challenge but I just love the ones of Not Cat. Not surprising I’m sure. Not Cat makes me smile. My favorite is where he is sitting and looking UP! I think I will probably use a cat picture for wonder too 🙂

    • It is wonderful, and, I think, a privilege, to be able to observe an animal at close quarters, particularly one who trusts you. Maybe that’s what my wonder post should have been about; the wonder of animals trusting humans.

      I didn’t see you on the Daily Post, will go to your page and see if you have put up a pic.

  3. I think my favorite pictures was the grapes picture. The back-lit coloring of the leaves drew my eye and made it difficult for me to decipher what the picture was until I enlarged it.

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