Simon’s Cat: Double Trouble

It’s a little while since I’ve checked out Simon’s Cat. This one was posted a month ago, and it made me laugh out loud.

The cats’ behaviour, especially the tail swishing and the body stances, is so well-observed.

16 thoughts on “Simon’s Cat: Double Trouble

  1. Eeek! Where’s the link?! (I’m helpless and can’t go by my own lonesome to Simon’s Cat site!) I was just watching that last night and definitely laughing out loud!

  2. Is it working now?

    I think there must have been a temporary glitch.

    Some of his videos are better than others aren’t they. I think this one is great. Though the first one remans my favourite.

  3. Oh Isobel I had forgotten all about Simon’s Cat! CH and I are indeed laughing out loud right this second. Even got a short applause from CH. Thanks for posting this and reminding me about this wonderfully funny Cat.

    • So glad you enjoyed it! I nearly just sent it to a friend in an email, then decided to post.
      I think this one strikes a particular chord with me as in some ways (tho’ not the food) it’s rather like Not Cat and Sonny, and also over on Pickle the cat is having to get used to a new companion, a kitten called Gesso.

    • Oh my! Large stones in the corners perhaps? Not Cat’s litter tray use has plummeted, twice a week now probably. Not quite at Cat’s once every two years habit, but we’re getting there!

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