Sunshine Cat

OK. Four pictures of Not Cat. I want to include one in a calendar for Aunt at Christmas. Which one should it be? Some cropping may be involved.

What do you think? Which one should I include?

I am thinking of six pictures of Cat. Aunt was a big fan, called him exceptional, and always made a point of telling me what a special cat he was. And six pictures of Not Cat. Aunt became one of his first fans, and the regard is mutual.

So the Sunshine picture of Cat would be this one:

Same cushion, please note.

But now, having received one disturbing and two bloody annoying emails, I’m going to pour a large glass of red wine and concentrate my mind on the fab lecture I’ve just been to. Cheers!

18 thoughts on “Sunshine Cat

  1. Fabulous idea to do the calendar for your Aunt……especially if she was a big fan of Cat and WHO could resist being a fan of NotCat either – he’s gorgeous and knows how to pose well for the camera…..I personally like the first photo (upper left) with him being “cute” – with both eyes open – you could just drop out the dark object on the right……….I love all of the photos though………..the sunshine photo of Cat is so dear.


  2. So no agreement so far… πŸ™‚
    i love that photo of Cat. It’s one of my favourites. How are you feeling post-Jake, Pseu?
    My glass of wine is sliding down well, but still annoyed by the emails, in both English and Irish senses.

    • I’m not sure I understand the ‘still annoyed by the emails, in both English and Irish senses’ ….. what were they about?

      I still find myself looking for Jake when I come home. He used to greet me on the drive way.

      • One was a very high-handed one from the home; the other two were work related and unhelpful.
        Annoyed is one of those words that wrong foots me in Ireland, as it also means up set. So you can be annoyed about a death, which sounds odd to English ears.

        There’s a lovely line in the Barbara Kingsolver I’m reading about the spaces people leave behind. It applies to animals too, I reckon.

        I think these friendships between species, human and dog, dog and cat; cat and human, are somehow magical. Little everyday miracles we tend to overlook.

  3. Oh that image of Cat is just super-gorgeous. It’ll be hard to ever better that. Perfect.

    I agree with Araminta – that first one is my favourite too although the arm of the chair needs to come out. Lovely idea to do a calendar.

  4. Isobel I have seen that picture of Cat several times, I tend to come back to your blog and browse when I am needing a kitty fix or feeling sad from missing my kitties(always makes me feel better to come here)and I am always taken with Cat’s face. He really has an awesome face. Anywho, my favorite for the Sunshine Picture of Not Cat would definitely be the first. Top row, left. What a great idea, a calendar for Aunt.

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