Official: Mosaics Make You Hungry

Three Quarters Done

I may not be keeping up with NaNoWriMo, but this mosaic is on track to be finished by Christmas. It’s intended as a gift, and not in my usual style. I am far happier when working on something like the Autumn piece that I hope has safely reached Maria in Barcelona. For me, that’s my art, whereas this is craft and I am less absorbed in it, more detached.

So maybe that is why I was susceptible to the food conversation earlier than usual tonight.

There’s a always a point around eight o’clock when someone speaks into the silence and asks, “So what are you having for dinner tonight?” Most of us are planning omelettes; pasta; left-overs from the fridge. We discuss sauces and salads, our tummies growling louder by the minute.

But Nina is following quite a strict diet. It’s got a special name which I forget every week. Madge asked her about it just an hour into the class. From then on the conversation turned around restricted and non-restricted foods and then fanned out into favourite meals, likes and dislikes, and if someone hadn’t started talking about a serious case of food poisoning, I might have had to pack up my stuff and head home straight away.

But my dinner’s ready now, so, bon appétit tout le monde.


11 thoughts on “Official: Mosaics Make You Hungry

  1. I work on mosaics out in the garage, far away from the food supply. When I get hungry I’m sometimes too lazy to go inside to eat! I’m afraid of getting shards in my soup!

  2. Thanks for the nice words about the mosaic. I think it’ll look quite effective, and it reminds me of my first mosaic which was very Bridget Riley influenced, but it’s not saying anything.
    I enjoy the ones where I am expressing something about myself, my responses to the world, which have a narrative. This is something anyone could make. In that way, it’s impersonal, though I appreciate some people prefer it to my real mosaic voice. 🙂
    Does that make sense?

  3. I think the mosaic is rather lovely.

    Our class on a Wednesday is punctuated by people bringing out things to eat as they can’t wait till the official breaktime. I don’t know what we would do if we weren’t allowed to eat. Keel over probably 😀

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