15 thoughts on “Boats

  1. I love boats! Can never have enough of their pictures and of their feeling they bring. These photos are very relaxing.

    It’s so great you have a boat, so unusual, I think. BTW I keep forgetting to ask you – do you actually drive ( is it a right verb about a boat) it?

    • Helm. Yes I do. But not very often, and not if I can get someone else to do it. I prefer to look at what is going on on the river and take pix! I find helmimg rather dull after ten minutes or so. But i don’t enjoy driving very much either.

  2. Wow, look at the neatness of that coiled rope. But where are the rowlocks on the rowing boat? How do they manage without them, I wonder? I know what you mean about boats and water. They build narrowboats at Gloucester Docks…terribly tempting. I’d quite happily live in a small cosy space.

    • Not my boat! But I did have a very neatly coiled rope. Trouble is, neatness doesn’t stop it getting wet and yucky and lots of earwigs living under it… Now I go for the more free look!
      I am a maximalist which is the one thing against selling up and moving to a houseboat, preferably a broadbeam or some sort of Dutch barge.

      • There was a very handsome Dutch barge on the canal just south of Llanthony Bridge at Gloucester recently – all smart in new black paint with plants on the top and bikes stowed neatly. They must be very comfortable inside but I’ve heard they can be tricky to manoeuvre.

    • Absolutely not! I have the loveliest boat in the world. I just love the dinkiness of this one as a day boat. Someone at the marina suggested I could have it as a lifeboat. But it is an outboard 😦 not my favourite type.

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