Tissues, whisky and Headstrong Cats

Aaargh, I’m coming down with a cold. I can feel it in my limbs and there’s an achy stiffness in my neck and shoulders. My eyebrows feel like they are slowly descending like security shutters. I’m going to curl up with a nice glass of whisky and a book, turn the ‘phone off and head to bed early.

Not Cat is gambolling around the garden. With the Loc8tor working this morning, I found him quickly enough, and i may be wrong about him finding a place in someone’s house. He was quite friendly, but not daft. He knew full well I wanted him to come inside, so he made sure to stay just out of reach; on top of the wall; in the strawberry tree; and when he did come down he went under a car.

I did the well, I’m going indoors now, so I’ll leave you be act, and fortunately he fell for it. I was working this morning and home at one thirty, so had he remained outside it would only have been a few hours. But tomorrow I am working all day, and that’d be a real test of nerves if I couldn’t get him in.

I don’t think it’ll be long though. One of my neighbours was remarking on his increased confidence, saying he’s walking around with swagger these days. Typical adolescent. Thinks he can do it all.


6 thoughts on “Tissues, whisky and Headstrong Cats

  1. NotCat pushing the envelope….struttin’ his stuff….while Mom has a cold! Probably got the cold having to search him out at all hours…:) Anyway Isobel I totally approve of your treatment of choice for the cold – hopefully it works!

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. Isobel I hate that you are dealing with the creeping cruds but I love the title of your post and find it amusing that you have curled up with a glass of whiskey and a good book. I was feeling slightly off kilter today and had two, yes two glasses of catawba on “the porch” and just forgot about everything else. Some days that is just how it goes…………..

    Not Cat is testing your last nerve 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone. I slept really well, and though tired now after a day at work, I am feeling better than last night.
    Not Cat was very good about going to bed early and even responded to the rattle of the treats box, so I got to work on time and without a rush.
    Now I’m home, he’s outside again…
    I’ve never heard of catawba. Is it a type of spirit? I hade the last of my whisky, so am wondering about getting another bottle in tonight!

  4. Isobel I am glad you are feeling better. Catawba is a semi-sweet wine made from the Catawba wine grape. It is a fairly popular wine in the state of Missouri. My little old state of Missouri makes some award winning wines, most of them dry though. My husband thinks you are sipping on the best choice 😉 Take care of yourself and give Not Cat a little scritch for me.

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