The Ginger Ninja Strikes Out

I wanted to post some letters today, but Not Cat kept trying to follow me, so I ended up spending ages in the garden taking photographs and then lots of footage of him. I really wanted to capture his strange little dance, but of course he did that when I had the camera turned off. I’ve still got some work to do tonight, so no time to view and edit as I’d like, but here is a little video that illustrates why washing the car is a waste of time and how the neighbour’s efforts at preventing cats and foxes from walking his wall have also failed.

17 thoughts on “The Ginger Ninja Strikes Out

  1. I wonder if he would walk with you in a harness – or would that just give him *ideas*!?!

    His collar doesn’t look like a charm bracelet but it does sound a bit like one. Its very tinkly 😀

    • Tried the harness, no go. He hasn’t got his new tag to go on it yet. I shall have to stop after that I think, though if he manages to catch a bird he’ll rival Father Christmas’ reindeer for the jingle bells effect.

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhthe ginger ninja strikes again! Sammy seems to know when we’ve washed one of our cars and makes it a point of hopping up and leaving some hair/footprints just to show who’s boss around here!


  3. I’m with lahgitana, OhMyGosh there is spikey stuff on the wall! Wow! that spikey stuff worked well, huh? Owieeee. Enjoyed the video Isobel. Not Cat was enjoying the sunny November day! Love how on most of your videos Not Cat has a little something to say. I can see him meowing but not hear him. Guess he is talking to himself. I’d rather have Not Cat walking on my vehicle than finding mice in my trunk!

  4. Thanks!
    The neighbour spent ages attached those little spiky things. Another neighbour covered a wall in chicken wire to stop the foxes. Neither has worked!
    Not Cat was seen chasing a fox round and round the garden on Saturday night.
    I’m going to remember the mouse comment. One of my neighbours does her pieces when Not Cat sits on her soft top. He likes her, and you can see him gazing at her in complete incomprehension as she shouts “off, off” at him from her kitchen window. 🙂

  5. Isn’t Not Cat getting bold!

    I had scratches on my last car from the cats down the road clambering onto the roof. Bertha shows some interest in sitting on the bonnet but the other evening I was unloading the boot, pulled the hatchback down, and found that I sent her flying – she had walked along the roof and onto the hatchback and was looking down over the edge 😀

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