Is This Love, or Something Else Entirely?

Sonny’s behaviour and attitude to me has got me wondering.
First there was the moment when I was sitting on the ground stroking Not Cat who was rolling and wriggling. We got closer and closer to Sonny. I expected him to hurry away, but no, he rolled on his back and watched me with half an eye.
I know he gets Not Cat’s left-overs, but he has taken to greeting me with a loud miaow and following me about the garden. If I stop and offer a hand, he usually looks fairly aghast, but I able to get a lot nearer him than I used to.
On Sunday, this is how he acted when I walked towards him with my camera. Can anyone translate what he’s saying please?

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17 thoughts on “Is This Love, or Something Else Entirely?

  1. That looks like quite a contented and relaxed cat.

    Was he mimicking Not Cat, who he seems to tolerate? Perhaps he does this for other people but was never able to do it with you because Cat might be in tow – and you, by extension, were part of the enemy?

  2. Oh I can’t even figure out my own cat. When I think Atticus wants attention, it turns out that he doesn’t. Cats are a mystery. That is one thing I love about them. They are intelligent, complicated and love to be in control.

  3. Mixed messages, that’s what it is! my feeling is he doesn’t really know his own mind. He sort of trusts me and quite likes the idea of having some of what he sees Not Cat having, but can’t quite bring himself to trust me.
    Cat used to do the ‘get off, I’m a boy, you’ll ruin my image” act if I tried to fuss him much in front of Sonny.
    I don’t suppose you’d like him, neutered of course, as a garden semi-feral would you Pseu? I’d like to see him settled in a retirement home. He’s getting a bit creaky to be living the complete outdoor life.

  4. He’s flirting (!) – he knows you, is telling you he recognizes you and trusts you enough to flip over and show his tummy a bit (very vulnerable) but since he’s a wild child he holds back JUUUUUUUUST enough to drive you crazy. Some kind of game he’s playing – which we humans don’t always quite understand but enjoy watching.


  5. I’ll check it out in a mo’. I’ve not come across it.
    He’d be a dreadful house cat I suspect. For starters he’s intact, so I bet he’d spray everywhere. I do like the idea of him sitting on my knee having a cosy sleep, I will admit. 🙂
    My aunt had two feral cats who gradually moved into her house, but they were very nervous with everyone else except for my other aunt. These are my father’s sisters I’m talking about, not my mother’s.

  6. His behaviour is very similar to Pushkin’s, who was desperate to be given a home and some love. He didn’t spray when he was allowed inside when he was neutered (compared to when he was breaking in), but he did stink the house out whenever he peed! You might be able to find a cattery to house him for a few days after neutering though – it takes about a week after neutering for the smell to disappear from their urine.

    As ferals get older, I think their behaviour changes as they balance the need for comfort against the need for freedom. If you plan on letting Not Cat spend a lot of time outside, what’s to say you couldn’t let Sonny have the same kind of freedom? Not Cat seems to be fascinated by him, and vice versa …….

    I know it’s not something to be taken on lightly; it probably wouldn’t be easy, and you would have to make different arrangements when you go to visit your Mother, but you know you want to really 😛

  7. I cannot add anything new to what everyone has said. YOU will most probably have to clarify yourself about his submissive behaviour and act accordingly. Time will help you for sure.

    • He might be ready for me to take care of him outside, so long as I don’t get too close, but he’s a long way from being a cat who could cope with travel up and down two flights of stairs and not having his freedom to come and go.
      I still think his best option is neutering and retirement to a garden with a barn or outside warm place for him in cold weather, and a family to take responsibility for him.

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