Two Novembers

A year ago I was on das Boot. Back at home, I had a stack of paperwork to attend to. Over on the Scroobius Pip’s page she has a similar story.

This November, apart from the heated towel rail in the bathroom, I’ve yet to out my heating on.
I took this photos in the garden today. They are my usual subjects – plants, Not Cat.

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Last November was snow was threatening. The boat was cold, and I was dressed in four layers, cuddling
Cat and wrapping my fingers round my coffee mug.

This is what I said then:

What a difference a year makes.


17 thoughts on “Two Novembers

  1. I remember when I was younger that a year seemed to take forever…..nowadays it is but a blink in time. But so much can change in a year and indeed it has for you. The photo at the marina really looks icy/frosty/brrrrrr and these photos – particularly of NotCat – are wonderful.

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. I can’t believe you’ve only got the heated towel rail on. You must be either a) in a warm flat, b) in a much warmer city than here c) very cold, or d) very hardy 😀

    I hope this year is not at all like last year!

  3. Yes, time speeds up as you get older I think. I like the photo of Not Cat on the still dirty car. So many of us have had hard times with frail and ill relatives recently. 2011 has not been my favourite year. I imagine P would say the same of 2010.
    Re the warmth of my flat, I probably benefit from other people’s heating rising and a few winters back we got really good insulation in the roof. I tend to prefer less rather than more heating, I hate stuffy rooms and am happier wearing a jumper indoors in winter than having blazing heat and walking about in a t-shirt, but I’m certainly not cold!

    • Yes, you’re right, flats are frequently warmer because they are sandwiched and sharing heat. I often think I should have my living area upstairs as it’s much warmer. I don’t like bedrooms being warm so I don’t have much heating on upstairs – just the frost setting apart from in the bathroom. I do like being cosy though so I’ve bought a short, hip length dressing gown (my ‘smoking jacket’) and wear that around the house – and try to keep doors shut to keep the heat in.

      • Don’t you hate over-heated houses and the sucked dry way they make your skin feel. Ugh! So long as my fingers and toes are warm I’m ok. Also I have storage heaters, so I need to anticipate the cold. I did have some plug in heaters just in case, but I haven’t used them in so long I have now given them away. There’s no gas in this building.

  4. I have been hearing on the news that last November was so different, more rain and snow. Also, I am hearing that this is one of the driest Novembers. What are winters like here?

    • It is so different from last year! Winters here are generally not that cold. We have a temperate climate so we don’t usually experience extremes of heat or cold. December is usually cold and bright – good sightseeing weather if you wrap up well! It tends to be colder after Christmas, with any snow then. But last year we had, for us, lots of snow, then summer came in March and left in May. So who knows how it will be!

      • That’s pretty good news that December is good sightseeing weather. We may have some visitors soon so that will be perfect. Colorado is quite unpredictable as well. It could be hot one day and snowing the next. It was crazy.

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