Adolescent Anxieties

It’s been much too exciting a day. I’m cream-crackered. And I feel I’ve aged about ten years.

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His Ginger Ninja Self

About half an hour before I needed to go to work, I went into the garden to call Not Cat who had been outside off and on for most of the morning following a game or several on the stairs. I could hear him crying but not see him. I looked up. He was on top of a high wall. Too high for jumping down from.

He cried some more and I noticed he was no longer wearing his collar. I led him round to where a) the wall was slightly lower b) there’d be a soft landing should he jump and c) where I could drag a garden chair over so that if I stretched up I could reach the top of the wall.

He continued crying, rejected my suggestions and disappeared over the other side of the wall into the garden of a shop on the main road. In hot pursuit I went round to the shop to find it closed.
I knocked on the windows, attracting some curious glances, but no response.

There was a number above the shop so I raced home, repeating it under my breath and tried it. Engaged. Back into the garden. No sign of Not Cat, and of course no tinkly bell.

More attempts with the ‘phone; still engaged. Back to the shop; still shut. I decided to try the shop next door. It turned out someone in there knew the shop owner.
“He’s out,” he told me.
“Someone’s there,” I said, “the telephone is engaged.”
Turns out it’s the wrong number above the shop.

The man came onto the pavement with me as the shop owner’s wife with baby came back. In rapid Arabic he explained the situation.

She smiled, “My husband is back in a minute. There he is.” I followed the direction she was looking ina and saw a familiar figure approaching the crossing.

Honestly, he couldn’t have been nicer. Grasping the situation quickly he led me through to the back of the shop and up the stairs. We had to climb out of the window onto the fire escape to access the extremely overgrown garden.
“Ladies first,” he said gallantly, holding the window for me.

No sign of Not Cat. We looked down into the garden, and then into the covered patio of the cafe next door. People were looking at us.

“Have you seen a small ginger cat?” I called.

“Yes,” they nodded. “He was on that wall a minute ago.” They pointed to an impossibly high wall that separated the two gardens.


Then I heard him crying loudly. The shop owner and I did 360 degrees but couldn’t see him.

“Maybe he’s managed to get down,” I said hopefully.

I shot back through the window, down the stairs, into the street and round to our garden. Not Cat met me with loud miaows. The shop owner was leaning over the flat roof on the property the other side of his and smiling broadly.

I called my thanks between picking my boy up and kissing him. Not Cat looked up at the shop owner and growled. Such ingratitude. I blame Margaret Thatcher.

On Friday I’m going round again in daylight armed with a stick and the Loc8tor, as it seems Not Cat’s collar is lost in the overgrown dumping ground at the far end of the shop’s garden. I’m getting lots of beeps from our side of the wall.Thank goodness there are no snakes in London.

I think I’ll also be taking chocolates and laminated pix of my boy, with my telephone numbers to distribute to all the shops in the parade.


19 thoughts on “Adolescent Anxieties

    • Absolutely, and with no idea of the risks he’s taking. Exactly why I wanted to adopt a middle-aged cat who had grown up. But I wouldn’t part with him for the world. He is a darling!

  1. Excitement you could do without! Will he have learned a lesson? Probably not :-S

    I hope you find the loc8or. This is one reason I would be loath to buy one – most of the places the Kittens disappear to are fairly inaccessible to me.

  2. Oh NotCat – you naughty boy, you! I know you had a fun adventure, but you lost your collar, made your Mum worry and got the neighborhood in an uproar all at the same time. Well, knowing you, this isn’t your LAST adventure…..but give your Mum a chance to catch her breath first OK?

    p.s. Isobel, that’s a great idea on the distribution of NotCat’s “mug shot” so the shops know he’s yours and how to reach you. With a “roamer” like NC, the more folks who can be on the lookout the better! Pam

    • Hi Pam. Now he’s looking like butter wouldn’t melt. He is the first pet I have ever had where I am tempted to call myself Mum! If I were I’m sure i’d have biffed him instead of kissing him. Mother cats seem to go in for tough love.

  3. OMG, I felt so nervous reading this, I was hoping for the Happy End and the tone of the text hinted there would be one but still I was so scared. Thanks god it all ended well!

  4. Isobel I can’t even get past the pictures of Not Cat tightroping it on the railing to comment about your scary frenetic morning without my ticker wanting to fail me! Seeing Not Cat on that railing freaks me out. Izzy fell off our loft railing twice needing x-rays once. She wasn’t as poised as Not Cat and she wasn’t the brightest about staying off after she had hurt herself. I will say that our railing was rounded and quite difficult to balance on. You know Isobel how everybody says, “oh, wait a couple of years and they(kittens)will settle down”. You are going to have a busy two years! I am so happy you got the little Ninja Ginger, scary! But gee you got a great cardio workout! Awww and the little stinker got a kiss too! Love the picture of that orange Fuzz Butt 🙂 Cream-crackered! Learning new words here everyday. Hope today is much less stressful!

    • Um. cream crackered is not very polite! It’s rhyming slang for knackered, defined thus by the OSED: knacker /0ˈnakə/ verb trans. slang. L19.
      [ORIGIN from knacker noun¹ 3 or knacker noun² 3.]

      Kill; castrate. Now usu., exhaust, wear out; damage severely, ruin.

      B. Beaumont Roger Uttley had knackered his back bending…to pick up a piece of apple pie.

      knackered adjective dead; castrated; (now usu.) exhausted, worn out: L19.

      Don’t use iy if you meet the Queen!

      I’ve just had more games on the stairs with His Gingerness. It’s been raining and he’s decided he prefers to exercise indoors.

  5. Not Cat is so so so so so cheeky. He reminds me of our Lewi. We only let him out for a few hours a day and he occasionally decides to hop over to our neighbor’s place to stalk her chickens. He refuses to respond to our calls. The catch is our neighbor has a dog that does not fancy kitty cats and is over protective over the chooks! My husbands always blackmails me emotionally to do the dirty job of knocking at my elderly neighor’s door at ungodly hours of the night asking her to let me catch my silly cat. On the bright side, I usually end up catching up on my lovely neighbor’s news. Hope Not Cat doesn’t keep you on your toes. Love his pictures, so so so handsome, especially that face!!!!

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