All Over Bar the Grouting

Last night was the final mosaics class this term. It felt very odd to be wishing people a Happy Christmas before November is over.

I meant to bring some grey grout home so that I collect the mosaic next week, giving the pieces time to dry firmly in place, but I forgot. I may buy some grout, but as it’s a surprise present and my friends are not expecting it, I shall probably wait until January and finish it in class.
I just hope they like it!


9 thoughts on “All Over Bar the Grouting

  1. Isobel it is a lovely work of art and a gift from your hands and heart, how could they not love it? I really feel like I should get going on decorations for Christmas but the spirit isn’t quite willing yet. It will hit me on a cold cloudy flurry flying day!

  2. Thanks Girls. Glad you like it and I appreciate the positive feedback.
    Next one will probably be more of my favourite stuff, where I feel I’m saying something rather than making pretty patterns.
    I’m into postcard ones, like a series of messages.
    This one is on a slate tile, so a bit heavy to post! Fortunately, my friends live in walking distance. 🙂

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