Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

At our local City Garden Farm I saw this mistletoe ready to be harvested from a tree for the Christmas market.

The woman in charge explained that it was thought a magical plant in ancient times as it has no roots and seems to hang between earth and heaven.


The mistletoe is managed here, and on much lower branches than you see it growing wild. It brings some welcome income to the City Garden Farm.


15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Waiting

  1. I’ve always thought mistletoe was rather magical in that it just hangs there and grows seemingly in midair. We don’t see it in our markets here either. It’s a shame….I don’t believe our little “plastic replica” that we put over our front door has quite the magical quality as the REAL thing either – can’t ever remember being kissed under the plastic!!! πŸ™‚


  2. Isobel this post brings back some fun wonderful memories for me connected to my Mom! We always had mistletoe hanging during the Christmas season. We have gotten away from the tradition, guess it is never too late to bring it back! I had no idea it had no roots but makes me smile at the thought that it hangs between earth and heaven!! Love your mistletoe picture.

  3. this reminds me of a trip to the USSR when it was still the USSR. while in Kiev, there was ever so much mistletoe on all the trees. fascinating! thanks for sharing this post.

  4. Thank-you. I have another picture of a ball of mistletoe hanging on the same tree where the berries have yet to turn white. Thinking about it, maybe that would have been the better ‘waiting’ picture.

  5. In Catalonia we have exactly the same Christmas tradition with exactly the same plant (“herba de vesc” in Catalan and “muΓ©rdago” in Castilian/Spanish): it is thought to be a Celtic believe. Tradition says that in order to bring you good luck, someone has to give it to you and then you hang it close to the entrance of your home. When a fresh bunch is given to you next year Cristmas, you burn the old one.

    • Do you kiss underneath it too?
      On New Year’s Eve, when people have often had far too much to drink, there’s a lot of snuggling going on under the mistletoe.
      I think your tradition sounds better!

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