Cat On a Cold Brick Wall

Here is Not Cat sitting on a wall this morning.

So far, so ordinary. Let me zoom out.

See him? Far from being afraid, the Ginger Ninja seems to have spent time working out how to get onto the wall from various access points and is now determined to explore as much as he can. He may have been afraid of falling into the water at das Boot, but he’s got a mean head for heights.

Next, he jumped down to the wall below, and then into the garden belonging to the shop. It would have been nice had he retrieved his collar.

He reappeared and strolled for a while on the wall behind the hollyhocks.

Then disappeared onto the flat roof beyond the back wall.

I’m hoping both of us survive his adolescence.


12 thoughts on “Cat On a Cold Brick Wall

  1. Goodness Isobel I couldn’t find him at first because I was looking on the shorter wall! Yikes!! I’m already on heart meds, I’d have to double them with your orange boy! It’s a flurry of flakes at Under the Oaks too.

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