Music to My Eyes

The first week in December unleashes a host of Christmas fairs in London. Artists’ Studios are open, the Cattery has its do today. They are far more relaxing places to buy presents than the hurly burly of the West End.
I bought a couple of things from ceramic artist Lucy Smith http:/ both of which I’d love myself. She kindly said she’d post them for me, so I don’t even have to wrap them them.

I love Barbara Wakefield’s ceramics too, / I am considering buying a piece on these lines for a musical friend next year. You can commission a particular extract from a favourite work.

And I love this little piece. I wish I’d bought it. Barbara also kindly gives me pieces of broken ceramics to use in my mosaics.

My only disappointment was that Kate Scott / not have any large bowls, at least not seconds, to replace the one I broke a month ago. But she had more more ceramic stars, so I scooped up a few as I think they are gorgeous and make great little presents at any time of year.


6 thoughts on “Music to My Eyes

  1. What lovely pieces Isobel. There are no artist studios out here in the country but there is a very big craft fair next weekend that I plan to go to. I love giving and receiving “original” gifts. Those ceramic stars look good enough to eat! πŸ™‚


  2. She has a number of music scores going for Β£25 as she is trying to clear some space. I imagine her contact details are on her website, but if not, and you want to find her, drop me an email.
    Kate still had some stars left when I looked.

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