Bees Make Honey

Though these are purely decorative, and obviously not real, we do have a local beekeeper whose bees produce the most wonderful honey.

They are part of the gates to our local City farm; the pictures I meant to post last night, had I not become distracted by the Globe.

There aren’t only bees, those these are displayed on the honeycomb, these flowers and creatures also feature:

Perhaps not quite as lovely as the Globe’s gates, but pretty wonderful al the same.


16 thoughts on “Bees Make Honey

    • El Espíritu de la colmena? Seen it, and yes I did!
      Also a propos of nowt, I popped over to MyT as I wanted to track back a photograph, and it felt like being in a time warp. Very odd indeed. I rushed back here!

      • I will learn to weld, then share! Or maybe husband could take a pic of me welding! Yes!

        Hey, I delivered my very first mosaics commission on Monday and the woman LOVED it! (Whew!) Yaaaaaay! As soon as I’m a little more organized, I’ll share….

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