15 thoughts on “High Jinks

    • Crumbs, do you think so? I’d better take another look!
      He is all muscle. There isn’t an ounce of fat on him, but he’s definitely getting heavier from all this physical exercise.

    • Average width, one brick. Next time I am in the shopkeeper’s garden I’ll try to remember to take a picture! Don’t you just love Eddie Izzard? It was the fact that he calls the wobbly cat Ginger that really made me think of it.

  1. Comfortable I’ll give you. And you can get away with a lot when you’re bundled up in fleeces and waterproofs. Actually, a lot of people probably can wear them, just most of the people I see wearing them shouldn’t 😀

    I was playing the clip when making dinner so didn’t really see what Eddie was wearing other than his jacket and shirt. Billy Connolly seems to like leggings too, but usually with a very big shirt. Perhaps its a comedian thing.

  2. First: the music was PERFECT!
    Second: he is a mighty hunter–that was an amazing descent from that very tall wall!
    Third: I haven’t even seen the Eddie video, but I can’t wait!

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