Ordinary and Extraordinary

The garden this morning was frosty. I hung the washing on the airer above the bath.

Christmas cards continue to arrive, but I still haven’t sent any.

No, instead I spent some time in the garden with Not Cat. I took some pictures too. Frost makes the most ordinary
plants extraordinary.

Geranium Petal


I had to go to work at lunchtime. I was early, and took this picture, where a blue sky and reflection makes an ordinary building extraordinary.


By the time I finished work, it was dark. I walked near St Paul’s. Always extraordinary.

St Paul's


16 thoughts on “Ordinary and Extraordinary

  1. I love frosty mornings…..when the sun comes up everything truly looks diamond-encrusted. The large rolling lawns in our community are so pretty until the sun warms things up enough that the diamonds disappear. I particularly like your photo of St. Paul’s with your “snow” falling across it !


  2. The frost makes the plants look like one of my favourite garden plants: Stachys Lanata, which is also known as lambs ears because the leaves are felted and downy.

    It looks like it was a good day otherwise.

    I’ve managed with my photo merge. Do you want me to post it or do you want to be surprised (possibly sometime after Christmas at this rate)?

    • It has been a stunningly beautiful day. The light was wonderful. A bit chilly though. Certainly not a day to go out without gloves.
      I am quite happy for an after Christmas card! I still haven’t written any.

  3. Lovely collection here Isobel, St Pauls is just brilliant, you’ve captured it beautifully. I can’t click the like button from my phone, so I’ll do that tomorrow. By the way, I reckon it would make a lovely Christmas card, Sophie will help here 🙂

  4. I haven’t done my cards either yet – maybe later. But you mustn’t miss the light, Isobel. Your pics made me wish I was still in London. It was bliss last Saturday – overcast on Sunday but sounds like bliss again today! 😉

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