Progress at the Inn

I’ve finally written some Christmas cards.
Not many, but the ones destined for the US, Australia and the wilder reaches (ie Barcelona) of Europe which should have been posted about six months ago.
Also, I’ve been to a celebratory drink as this little block of flats has reached its silver jubilee. I chose my flat before it had a roof on it. Sue and I tried to work out where things would go. We had climbed in through a window of what would be a ground floor flat and came up stairs without banisters. I’m not sure we’d be allowed to do that today.
I’ve managed something else too. It’s been getting a tad biblical chez IsobelandCat with some close friends, and cat, becoming temporarily homeless in a few days. When they called and asked if they could use the sofabed, I said Of course. Only thinking a few days later that I should have asked for how long, and wondering if our friendship would survive the experience. This is a very small flat, and I have been looking forward to some quiet time.
Anyway, I’ve found someone who has a flat that is available for a very short let.
Much as love my friends, the idea of being with them 24/7 and their cat, meaning doors might have to be kept close to separate hostile felines, sounded very tiring. I might manage for a night or two, but this sounds like two or three weeks.
I really don’t want to end my days in Holloway.


21 thoughts on “Progress at the Inn

  1. You’re really in with the bricks of your building πŸ˜€

    I’m glad you’ve got your friends sorted out. I can rarely do more than 3 days with other people invading my space before I’m ready for them to go.

  2. Hopefully your friends will be moving on any moment now – these “temporary” visitor situations rarely produce a CLOSER friendship that’s for sure! Glad you’re getting some Christmas cards done, etc. ‘Tis the season πŸ™‚


  3. I hope things work out for your friends. Last summer we opened our doors to some friends who were in a similar situation. After several days it became a lot to handle. They were super sweet people, but we only had a one bedroom at the time. It does try a friendship. I wish all of you luck!

  4. We knew that would be an issue and it was. Fortunately we found a great place that allowed pets, but we didn’t have too many options. I wasn’t here during the process, but I heard that some of the flats were horrible. Is Rosie friendly? Miles likes cats, but doesn’t know how to play with them. He moves too quickly and terrifies them. Atticus isn’t a big fan of him, but they get along thank goodness. Thanks for the article. I hope they adopt the dog with 3 legs. If I could, I would have more animals. One day I would like to adopt several rescue animals, but not until I am settled permanently in a bigger place. Who knows when that will happen.

    • Rosie is a miniature pinscher. She looks like something off a Babycham bottle. I have some bad pix of her – getting her to sit still is a nightmare. She has a neurological problem, and is consequently a bit highly strung. She is very good with Carol’s sister’s cat and plays with him. He’s a ginger with enough personality for ten cats. But she gets jealous if Carol tries to stroke the cat.
      i play hide-and-seek with her, and whenever she sees me she rushes down the street on her extended lead for a cuddle. So I amy be a bit biased about her!
      I’ll see if I can get a picture of her soon.

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