Therapeutic Photography

I was more than a little fed up this afternoon. A cuddle with Not Cat helped to restore me a bit, and a nice lunch helped some more. But I was definitely struggling. Fortunately, I read this post by thescroobiouspip and put aside my work to go out with my camera.
Photographically, the results weren’t all that. I was in the mood for macro, but the wind didn’t allow me to take the close ups of flowers. They kept bobbing about. Though I do like this one, even if it is out of focus.

My neighbour called to me from where she was planting out polyanthus. She was smiley and friendly and up my spirits went a notch or two. I wanted to take a picture of some of her rosehips but the wind was really getting into its stride. However, when I downloaded it, I liked the shapes, so I played with the histogram and sharpness for a bit, and finished with this wintry composition.

On the way home, I met another neighbour, and had another chat. then took this picture of a miniature world on the top of a metal railing post.

They aren’t the best photographs I’ve ever taken, but by the time I came back indoors, I was feeling much more myself, though chilled to the bone.
After all, it’s not just about pretty pictures is it.

15 thoughts on “Therapeutic Photography

  1. Love the “miniature world” shot on top of the rail post best…..I love moss so perhaps that’s why its my favorite. The trip outside with your camera (even with the wind) did you some good – you were out and about, talked to friends, took some shots of interesting things and voila – – – back inside in a better frame of mind. Pretty good deal I should think!!


  2. Photography should be therapeutic Isobel, by making the effort to pick up the camera and go outside, is enough to lift the spirits, without the camera, what would you do?
    The results are immaterial, its the exercise that plays the biggest part. I haven’t been in photographic mode, or mood, if you like, for a few days, but that phase soon disappears.
    I’ve done a few private photography sessions, and they produced some good results, so I’m pleased.

    The time of year has a huge affect on our mood too, keep the camera handy, its good medicine. I like these here, cheers my friend. 😉

    • Thank-you Val. Blogging is pretty good therapy too, and I’ve been gazing at some recent posts tagged photography. But Not Cat sleepy purring and his soft fur under my hand is the icing on the cake. I may try some more play with other pix that didn’t come out well if I like the basic shape of them.
      Glad to hear you have had some good private sessions. Does this mean you have been commissioned?

  3. Yes, two of them were commissions, but they don’t want them displayed on the Internet, and I always keep my promise. The family wanted some done for Christmas, and I suggested we did a few outside, on the wild part of the beach, they turned out really well, all very natural, but they played their part well, which made for some excellent shots. The ones they liked most, were those I took without them noticing, laughing, a fit of the giggles, and even one of a the tiny tot about to cry, they were lovely really.

  4. I have a confession to make: you’ve mentioned histograms a few times, and I wondered why you were interested in graphs. I now understand that its something to do with digital photography. Whoops 😀

    I like the moss, it’s pretty.

  5. Thanks Isobel. I enjoyed the photos – especially the mossy one. It wasn’t a good day here either yesterday – too much bad news about too many people. Life’s a bitch sometimes.

  6. Isn’t it wonderful how even unpromising photos can be redeemed, I really love the rosehips and I bet that if it had turned out in focus and in colour it wouldn’t have been half as interesting.Lovely!

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