40 thoughts on “Cat Last December

    • Yes, but you know, I thought I had hundreds of pictures of him, certainly I have more than of our dogs, but I am sad that I did not take more of him between Christmas and March, particularly those last days at Mother’s where I only have two very dark pictures of him. As a result, Not Cat is photographed all the time!

    • I did get quite teary looking at that photo. All these last times.
      It seems incredible that it’s nearly nine months since he died. I could look up now and not be surprised to see him strolling into the room.
      Not Cat has softened the blow, and the fact that he has turned out to be such a different yet equally interactive cat is a blessing.

      • The first year is full of ‘this time last year moments’.

        I’m sure a lot of Cat’s interactiveness is because of you, and you’ll see that in any cat you have because you nurture that ๐Ÿ˜€

        • I don’t think I can claim the credit for Cat’s character and personality, though perhaps he adopted me because I interacted with him, which is what he wanted. But Not Cat is increasingly interactive and I had wondered whether I had encouraged it by playing with him and responding when he has wanted attention.
          How about those cats that hide from all visitors though?

  1. I have two friends, both pretty outgoing who have cats that they tell me are fine and friendly, even assertive, with family, but who vanish as soon as non family arrives. I have never seen them except in photos!

  2. Isobel he was a handsome boy and the bestest sweetest Cat just like my Z. Cat has been gone only 9 months? Z will be gone three years January 17th and I still miss her more than ever. I still get teary eyed too. I am shy and Z Cat was shy too, but got that way as she got older. But she had just CH and me to interact with out here in rural MissouREE. I miss her.

  3. He was a very prince of cats. And a monkey for all that!
    Those of us lucky enough to have pets with whom we have a close connection are blessed. I still thinks it is miraculous that different species can have such pleasure in each other’s company.
    Perhaps one day the lion will lie down with the lamb.

  4. I can’t imagine it Isobel, I’m sure it’s unique. I don’t know what the right words are and if there are any, but I’m sure he was very happy with you because I know you loved him a lot.

  5. Thanks. as I said to sweetdays, these friendships between animals and humans strike me as miraculous. Had you told me before Cat marched into my life that I could have loved him so dearly, I don’t think I’d have believed it possible.

    • After the carols last night, three of us went for a drink. Andrea, my friend who I met when she did some work for me (she’s a joiner) was talking about how Cat’s expression would be one of deep disapproval if she turned up with her too bag!

      • I bet Cat has a great way to show his disapproval. Thanks for suggesting the carols last night. We really enjoyed them. And we stopped at the Rising Sun beforehand. It was an enjoyable night!

  6. Oh wow, so we were both there! Where were you sitting?
    Every year I wish someone would coach the City policeman for the first reading. This one sounded like he didn’t have a clue what he was saying. shame about the PA in the final lesson. I loved Angelus ad virginem.
    The Rising Sun was closed afterwards, so we went to the Red Cow.

    • That’s too funny. We went to the Red Cow afterwards as well. We arrived late so we sat in the back…way back. It didn’t matter though, it sounded lovely.

      • Were you there when the very noisy people were playing games?
        Right at the back behind the altar? i think that’s quite a nice spot. You can see the processional and there’s quite a bit of room.

    • Yep, but not me. That is funny. I enjoyed that place. We had dinner there before the service, which was why we were late. They had a large crowd who were part of a secret cinema. All of them were dressed as spies. It was fun.

      • I’m somewhat tall and I did have a hat on, I usually do in the winter. And I always have a confused look on my face. Whenever I walk into a store, clerks approach me like I’m a lost little kid. But it is just my normal look.

        Were you buying a bottle of wine?

  7. Yes! And I was given a very cold one. Now this is very funny indeed. I don’t think I spoke to anyone else in the pub other than to say ‘excuse me’.
    So we have met in the rea world. I don’t know about you, but this has amused me a great deal. ๐Ÿ™‚

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