Weekly photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

Like many people, I try to keep photos of myself off the www, so this week’s challenge presents particular obstacles.

However, I am hoping this interpretation fits the bill. It’s a bit like the Loyd Grossman programme Through the Keyhole which was popular a few years ago. It’s a photograph of a collection of bits and pieces I have acquired over the years. They represent interests I have, remind me of friends and places, some pieces were my father’s.

Some of these objects I have had since I was in single figures. There’s a lottery ticket from some weeks ago I have not yet checked; a papier mâché award I was given by some children I taught; a piece of the Berlin Wall; presents from friends; pebbles I picked up in Greece; and much more.
Everything is displayed in an object I picked out of a skip in the West End. I think it was part of a ceiling.

32 thoughts on “Weekly photo Challenge: Self-Portrait

  1. That’s a wonderful way to display bits of yourself Isobel…..most of us have a stash of “life’s moments” but this is the first really interesting way of sharing them I’ve seen. I like it – I may borrow your idea one of these days for my 60+ years worth of meaningful bits and pieces.


    • Thank-you Pam! The ceiling thingy was a great find. It allows me to put all sorts of bits and bobs together. One piece is temporarily missing as I have lent it for an exhibition about objects that meaningful to individuals.

  2. I’m starting to think I should have posted this under interior décor! Each square is just bigger than the height of a cassette tape stored upright – I used to keep a few cassettes in it too. It would be even better were it a fraction deeper.

  3. Great interpretation Isobel, and a fascinating collection. I love those beautiful egg cups and the brass yacht is one just like my parents had – and i must still have tucked away in the attic.

    The mosaic looks perfect with it.

  4. Egg cups? I think you must mean the candle holders a friend brought me from India. My parents also had a bass dog, like a Cairn, but I have no idea where it is now. My grandparents had little bells in the shape of ladies. Where did they go?

  5. Know what I would really enjoy? If you picked a bit or bob and wrote about just that one item . . . . I love the way items can say so much about what’s important to us — and I would love to know the stories behind yours.

  6. what a great take! i prefer being behind the camera, too, rather than in front of it. but this is an excellent interpretation, and i looked and looked until i found the piece of the berlin wall. i have a piece of it, too! and i noticed your Russian stacking doll. they brought back memories of a trip to the USSR, when it was still the USSR and Gorbachev had just come into power. and about a week later i saw part of the border between east & west germany for the first time. an unforgettable trip. how much has changed since then….
    thanks for sharing

    • Thanks I had a look at your post. Interesting.
      I have a largish webprint already, and prefer to keep at least my picture offline. It’s really a question of privacy, though I am always surprised at my reflection these days. Not how I look in my head at all! 🙂
      I was stalked once in the past, and it is not an experience I should like repeated.

  7. I like this answer to self-portrait. You could write about each item and have the memories of your whole life, triggered by objects you have saved. I enjoy reading your blog and looking at the photos.

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