Victoria Wood, National Treasure

I’ve just finished watching a programme from quite a few years ago about Victoria Wood. Laughed my socks off.
What talent. What humanity. The Acorn Antiques excerpts had me crying with laughter.
The programme finished with this VW classic:
As someone tweeted earlier, why isn’t Victoria wood a DBE? She is such a national treasure she ought to be in the Tower.
Sweet dreams.

8 thoughts on “Victoria Wood, National Treasure

  1. I too watched it Isobel, and agree with you, she is brilliant, I’ve always loved her, and her talent.
    Have seen Pat and Margaret? if not, please do, its wonderful.

    Hope you’ve had a lovely few days my friend.

  2. I saw a bit of it and loved it. She is wonderful. My favourite sketch is the one with the dim waitress repeating “Is it on the trolley?”; I can never go into a restaurant with a dessert trolley without hearing those words in my head.

    She is marvelous, and she should be a Dame!

    • I thought the bits in the programme where it was pointed out that she had done the fly on the wall type thing long before Ricky Gervais came along very interesting too. In fact the programme did a good job of showing how much she has influenced much of the screen comedy that has followed. Her range is extraordinary.

  3. I completely forgot about it. Is it worth watching? I loved the books when I was little, and there was a good tv adaptation a few years back too.
    I expect it’s on iplayer for a few days.

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