Another Day in London

Home after a lovely day spent with my friend, and ex-colleague, Vicky.
We were heading for the V&A, and the opportunity to look at and take pictures of the Queen Mother’s Gates, a present to her on her eightieth birthday, was a nice start.

They are a beautiful, fanciful; as frothy as the QM’s famous gauzy floating outfits. We touched and looked, and pointed out our favourite bits. I took some snaps.

We turned, and saw this:

Trying to hurry closer, I took this blurry photo:

and then they were gone.


8 thoughts on “Another Day in London

  1. Those gates are incredibly beautiful……as for the guards – they are too! One of the most fun experiences David and I had in London in 1990 on our honeymoon was watching the changing of the guards and getting it all on film. So very grand.


  2. I haven’t seen these for ages Isobel, they are indeed beautiful. As for the guards, I feel that song coming on……….”They’re changing guards at Buckingham palace……”

  3. Great snaps Isobel! I love those black horses πŸ™‚ I am trying to get caught up, missed my morning visits here. Picked up a new zippy laptop yesterday and just getting everything in order so I can zip around again. I missed my favorite blogs πŸ™‚ Enjoy your day!

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