New Year’s Day in the Life of Not Cat

My plan, mid-morning, was to go for a short walk locally, taking my camera, to see if there was anything that caught my eye and which might suit the Winter challenge.

Not Cat hurried down the stairs with me. In the garden, he rushed about, and kept returning to me. I was looking at some leaves caught in a tree. Not Cat twisted his head round and looked too.

Looking at the Tree

Looking being far too passive an activity for Not Cat, he got into the tree.

In the Tree

The tree seemed to bear further investigation. Though it didn’t look very comfortable.

Further Investigation

He stayed there a while.

Interesting Features

Then he climbed down.


Next up for inspection was the bikeshed.


Standing on the bikes and bars gives him a view of the wall and vine where the birds are still eating the last of the grapes. He moved to get a better view.

Making a Bridge

He’s very fond of the owner of this underused and cobwebby bike. I say this with a degree of smugness having washed my bike last week. I wondered if he could smell her, but it’s more likely that a fox has clambered about on it. I once saw a fox cub gnawing the solid pedals on this bike.

Who's Been Sitting on This Saddle?

Next stop was my car and an easy leap onto the neighbour’s wall. He disappeared into the foliage.


Then reemerged in another tree.


I wish I knew the term, if there is one, for the sailor who had to climb up to the crow’s nest, because that would have been a suitable name for Not Cat. Up he climbed.

Not Cat Aloft

He seemed pretty settled. I took several pictures. Annoyingly, I managed to get the branches rather than Not Cat in focus for most of them.

Viewing the Terrain

He looked happy, and not that bothered about where I was, so I decided it was time to start my walk.
I left the garden. About fifty yards from home, and no pictures taken, I heard a loud and distressed yowl. I stopped. I listened. Could it be? I hurried back. Not Cat sat in the driveway, his mouth open, his lungs empty of air. The latest yowl echoed on the winter air. He stood up and raised his tail to welcome me back.

Power. Not mine.

A neighbour returned from overnight revels in her jeep. I waved to show Not Cat was about. She approached cautiously. Once out of the jeep, she was greeted by Not Cat who ran towards her like a homing pigeon. Or should that be flew?

When did you two become friends? I asked.
Just now, she answered. Not Cat adhered to her legs.

It was clear I could not leave the garden without Not Cat coming with me. Not unless Neighbour-and-New-Friend stayed with him. Why doesn’t this apply when he disappears and makes me late for work? He has previously tried to accompany me to the main road. I stayed in the garden. Not Cat asserted his dominance over a visiting Mercedes.

King of the Cars

And hid in another tree.


Which is how I came to post the winter rose pix instead of anything more exciting. Am I the first person to claim my pet has cramped my creative style?

When I did decide to go indoors, he raced across the garden just as Cat used to do. I used to call Cat Trigger when he did this. I need another horse name for Not Cat. Red Rum maybe. But I really don’t want him opening supermarkets.

Is there a racehorse called Ginger Ninja?


30 thoughts on “New Year’s Day in the Life of Not Cat

  1. He’s outside now being independent.
    My grandparents cat used to follow me every Saturday when I took their dog, later mine, for a walk. If I went beyond the limit of where she was comfortable, she would stop and cry (she was half Siamese and had inherited the Siamese voice) until we returned. Then she would calmly stand up and follow us agin, just as though nothing had happened.
    How cats ever got a reputation for independence is a complete mystery to me.

  2. Fabulous pictures of Not Cat enjoying his day, and I’m sure you’re not the only person who has been thwarted by a determined cat.

    There is a racehorse called Ginger Ted, who won me some money in July. I call the Kittens ‘Thundercats’ when they horse around.

  3. A lovely picture-story Isobel. He’s a real character isn’t he? And yes, I agree with you about the independence thing. Just returned from Swansea (just the one night away) and find Leo in desperate need of a cuddle, so of course I had to oblige. Fat Lily is on my lap as I type; a warm furry thing with the immoveability of a small rock.
    Independence? Only very occasionally… 😉

    • It’s such humbug isn’t it. Was there a feline PR cat (ok, tortology, but it sounds better to my ear this way) who thought up and broadcast this independence thing? “OK, listen you lot, if you want a cosy billet with regular meals and lots of love and affection, you have to make out you don’t need it. Needing is a dog-thing. Got it? Good. Go forth and conquer the nation’s laps.” Hoist banner etc etc.
      “immoveability of a small rock” Love it!!
      Happy New Year to you.

  4. Well he certainly enjoys tree climbing…..and sitting… the photo where almost all you can see is one eye staring RIGHT at you! Great photos of your Ginger Ninja….


  5. I got scared in the middle of the story when you said he was screaming on the driveway.
    What a character he is 🙂
    Looking at the first photos I wanted to address to him as a “teddy bear” but wasn’t sure if you’d like it. He looks so cuddly even when acting so wild and climbing the trees. Is he heavy?

    • He is heavier than when he first came to live with me. He is all muscle these days.Small but solid. Not an ounce of fat. That may all change when he reaches middle age of course.
      He is very cuddly.

  6. oh what a wonderful story!
    i enjoyed this – and the thought comes to mind: who can understand what makes a cat tick?
    it is one of those unfathomable mysteries, and you have got me thinking that this might be the year to adopt another cat….. 🙂
    thanks for sharing this very creative post – nothing cramped here 🙂

  7. Well a good way to start my morning with Not Cat toodling around. JimJam. Very cute. I can’t help but think of him as little Mr. Smarty Pants today. I love that he sat with his little orange bottom firmly planted on the drive way and howled when you went out of sight. He’s still just a little boy! He is a very busy orange kitteh. So enjoyed this series of pictures 🙂

  8. Having a pet is a tie, there’s no denying it. But the pleasure I get from watching him, and the affection he gives
    are beyond price. I just regret all the years when I haven’t had a pet!

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