A Scoop of Skye

The Fairy Glen


19 thoughts on “A Scoop of Skye

      • Gaelic is more likely to be spoken in the Highlands and Islands. They spell things in a way that Lowlanders do not. And Lowlanders (which I would probably be classed as if I still lived in Edinburgh) will refer to people living in those parts of the country as Heuchter Teuchters. I blame my Mum for introducing me to this derogatory reference and her intense dislike of Sassenachs (English people) which I do not understand in the slightest.

    • Mum is from Port Glasgow, and was brought up with a lot of sectarianism which may have permeated other aspects of the way she views ‘other people’.

      And then she moved to Edinburgh, where we do consider ourselves different from the rest of Scotland. I was looking for a link to two advertising campaigns in the 80’s which summed it up. Glasgow started with ‘Glasgowsmilesbetter’ – which could be read as Glasgow’s miles better, or Glasgow smiles better. Edinburgh retailiated with ‘Edinburgh’s slightly superior’ 😀

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