Not Cat went out first thing, and disappeared. I searched for him, armed with a length of string, a box of treats and my jangling keys, Not a sign. Minstrel, the black and white cat from over the wall, watched me dispassionately.

Eventually, I had to leave for work. This was the first time I have left not knowing where Not Cat was.

I came home at lunchtime, half eager, half in dread. When Not Cat appeared, running across the garden, yelling at me, I felt the smile break out on my face.

After lots of head rubbing and purring, he ate. Wherever he had been, he evidently hadn’t been fed.
Then time for a good wash; reacquaintance with a Christmas toy; some naughtiness under the chair he has colonised; and a good sleep.


15 thoughts on “Safe

    • He is Pam, he is!
      And at least I have the comfort of knowing that he spent a morning outside and came to no harm, as I suspect this is not going to be the last time he goes awol.

  1. You must have had a knot in your stomach all morning.

    The last picture makes him look like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. I hope it has taught him a lesson (but I know it probably hasn’t :-D)

    • I made myself keep repeating “he’ll be there when I get home” to stay positive. The worst bit was arriving home and still no sign. Those two minutes or so were hard.
      I like that pic too. Next Year’s calendar I reckon!

    • Is Pippi her screen name or her real name? I like it, because she does have long stockings. I missed the moment when it was confirmed she is a girl. Watching Not Cat in sunshine the other day, curled round the banister, he reminded me of a bee, and I may have to add Bumble to his name!
      The chaperoning worked very well last year, but Not Cat has become very bold. I suppose he has proved he can survive a morning outside.

    • So do I,Badger, so do I. He has been given another one with skull and crossbones. I don’t like it nearly as much, and it needs a bell. He lost his faux suede one this morning and is now in black party gear.

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