A River of Stones Day 9 Foxes

I wake suddenly. It must be about four. Something has made a loud noise. I can feel the echo of it in my quitted sleep; more vibration than sound. I lie and listen. Nothing. Something. I get up and open the shutters. The cat climbs onto the sill and we see a fox race out of the garden. Another movement catches my eye. A larger fox is scurrying along the wall to the left. The cat is alert, focused, but his attention is elsewhere. I follow his line of attention just in time to see a small, probably female, fox scramble over the roof of the bike rack and leap onto the ground. She too races from the garden. The larger fox is swift in his pursuit. There are a few sharp barks, then silence. The window has steamed with our condensed breath. Cat and human gaze out onto the now still garden for a few more moments and then return to bed and sleep.

8 thoughts on “A River of Stones Day 9 Foxes

  1. They dig holes in the garden. I swear they have been slowly working on a mantrap. They also bring all their booty- discarded takeaways of all varieties – to eat in privacy. I do get a bit fed up with clearing up after them , but yes they are lovely to watch.

    • Cycling home about twenty minutes ago, I saw first a large mouse (it may have been a small rat, but I prefer to think it was a mouse), then a couple of yards further on, a large fox loped across my path. Not Cat is outside in the garden and I hope there are no foxes there.

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