A River of Stones Day 10: Titans

Like Titans, the two dustcarts face each other from opposite ends of the street. Both are moving, leaving little room between the parked cars. A man on the pavement stops to look, his head moving slowly from side to side as though watching a low energy tennis match. The cyclists, bright as summer insects in hi-viz jackets, helmeted heads round as bumble bees, move quickly through the middle ground, speeding across the no man’s land where battlelines they will not wait to witness are being drawn up.

4 thoughts on “A River of Stones Day 10: Titans

    • And I thought I was being international. Our street sweepers have brooms, or are vehicles with sweeping round brushes. The dustcarts are manned by dustmen, sometimes called binmen. Let me see if I can locate the song on Youtube. Here you go:

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