Nature Adjusted

My email was hacked and so everyone in my contacts got sent a spam which might have been a virus. The first I knew of it was opening my mail to see I had one hundred new messages. Most were fortunately saying the spam could not be delivered, so happily most friends and contacts obviously have pretty good security.

I had another couple from friends who thought it looked dodgy and wanted to know if I had sent it; one saying thank-you and how nice to hear from me; one from a friend who couldn’t open it and was mustard-keen to know what it was about.

It wasn’t the account I use here, and hopefully, it won’t have made its way to any other of my email addresses.

I contacted the service provider who promptly blocked my account. The next stage, getting a new code to reset my password, took far longer than the promised few minutes.

While I was waiting, instead of getting on with the work I should be doing now, I played with another photograph of the roses I posted earlier. In the end, I settled for a version which made me think of a book cover for a slightly creepy novel

Here is my original photo and the adjusted version:

Winter Rose

Adjusted Rose

14 thoughts on “Nature Adjusted

  1. Sorry to hear of the spam problem, pleased its sorted though, how these things happen is beyond me.

    I like the winter view best, its moody, but quite beautiful.

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