Unseasonal January

January continues to confuse. I turned my heating off several days ago, and was still able to walk about barefoot this morning.

I expect outdoor roses to look like this in January:

Not this:

The temperatures are due to fall on Friday to 6ºC during the day, -1ºC at night.

Maybe the roses, hollyhocks and the geraniums will understand it’s winter after all.

10 thoughts on “Unseasonal January

  1. The weather seems to be unusual almost everywhere this winter….we had an inch of snow one day, then the next it disappeared when the temp rose into the fifties.


  2. It is confusing Isobel, the plant life doesn’t know whether its coming or going, like us. Its been glorious here for a couple of days, almost T-shirt time, but a few before that, it was freezing, with biting winds. Crazy.
    Nice pix here, as usual.

    • Me too in many ways, but remember how we had summer weather in march and April last year, then March and April weather for the summer? I’d quite like the seasons to go back to where I recognise them again.

  3. There’s no doubt abou the unseasonal warmth over here in the UK too. I think nature is struggling to adapt to the many pressures it faces but nevertheless it most probably will. I run a phenology blog which may be of interest to you if you would care to visit.

    Kind Regards

    Tony Powell

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