A River of Stones: Day Fourteen, Invisible

I smiled hello at the girl when I saw her, but she looked straight through me. She’s about eleven-years-old; year 7 I’d say from her still tidy school uniform. I see her in the mornings when I am trying to get Not Cat to come in. She has started to ask me about him. Maybe it’s because she has red hair and feels kinship.
Today, being Saturday, she was wearing jeans and a pink jumper; not the best colour for her hair. And I saw her on the main road, just by the big supermarket and the pedestrian crossing. Not Cat was in the garden. Without him I meant nothing to her; I was another invisible, uninteresting adult.

9 thoughts on “A River of Stones: Day Fourteen, Invisible

    • Taking notes, no doubt. 🙂 When are you posting more pix of her? she sounds a lovely, confident companionable, little animal.
      Both of us got cats sooner than we intended after Cat and Jake died. I am so pleased now that I have Not Cat, and it sounds as though Pippi is carving a similar place in your life.

      • she seems to seek me out which gives me a lift… Jake loved attention but wouldn’t sit with any of us. So she’s very much her own character

        • Somehow it is very flattering when an animal shows affection, even it it is just because you are the person who feeds it. I love the way each one has its own character and agenda and how we learn from them as they learn from us.

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