Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful, Take Two

Some more pix on this prompt. I find it interesting how many of us associate water with peacefulness, though the photograph with the prompt didn’t strike me as peaceful.

So, to kick off, here is the marina under snow last winter. When there is no one about, the marina is the most peaceful spot I know. I feel my breathing change when I am there.

Marina Under Snow

Summer this time, still at the marina, and the swan parents have a new brood.

The Swan Family

Still summer, but back in London, this fox was enjoying an afternoon nap in the sunshine.

Sleeping Fox

Even Ginger Ninjas have to rest sometimes. This is Not Cat about an hour ago.



14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Peaceful, Take Two

    • That made me laugh, Sophie. Not Cat is fast asleep now and has taken over the whole of the sofa. I am relegated to the floor where I am building up to doing some written work.
      BTW did you follow madman’s link to his ginger?

  1. Four awesome peaceful pictures, but I have a favorite…
    Not Cat is just ♡♡♡
    Did I tell you that our Ginger adopted us? She came from “somewhere” (we still do not know where from) and decided to stay.

  2. I am not believing that fox just snoozing away on that wall!!! We have fox and cayotes here and we are lucky to catch a glimpse of either one. We have a few wandering gingers, but none as cute as Not Cat 😉

    The marina picture with the snow is very nice. We had a roof over our dock but I can’t say it did much good when it came to snow. The swan capture with the softly rippling water is beautiful Isobel and definitely fits “peaceful”.

    • I have sooooooooooo many pix of foxes in our garden. I hardly ever saw foxes growing up in the country, but in London, where there is a plentiful food supply, they are numerous. They have a much shorter lifespan than their country cousins, just an average of eighteen months compared to eight years. They usually die in traffic accidents.
      I should love to see a coyote. Have you read Prodigal summer by Barbara Kingsolver?
      Not Cat has slept all afternoon and is now outside strutting his stuff. It’s very cold this evening, so i am letting him get on with it!

      • Isobel I have not read Prodigal Summer. I couldn’t get enough of Kingsolver and read The Bean Trees, Animal Dreams and Pigs in Heaven. Then I read The Poisonwood Bible and sort of fell out of love with her writing. I don’t know why, I liked the Poisonwood Bible well enough. Just sitting here thinking about why I haven’t picked up another of her books 🙂

  3. Very nice photos Isobel! I haven’t seen foxes sleeping yet, but I sometimes find them traipsing about and crossing the road! The marina snow is a beauty, I also love watching swans by the river. Not Cat is such a cutie 🙂

    • My favourite sight of the foxes was when I saw the vixen come home and the cubs all came out of the den wagging their tails furiously and flattening their ears. Another time, I saw the vixen bring tiny cubs out of the den for what was, I’m sure, their first time in the open, and their playful discovery of the garden was magical. One walked into a tall plant and was so surprised when it sprang back and hit it lightly. The cub played with it for ages.

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