Down by the Thames

I spent a long time staring at the river the other day; looking at the boats, moored and moving. They made me think of das Boot, not because they look much if anything like her, but just looking at them made me remember the movement of the boat on the water; the cosiness; the contentment I feel aboard.

Tower Bridge is always impressive, so I had to take at least one photo. Apparently, it is classified as a ship.

Tower Bridge January 2012

Although I am no speed-freak, I watched the people on this rib enviously. I’d love a go.

Red Rib

That looked like a private boat, but you can go out on larger ones like this. I think it costs about £40. It didn’t look like they had many takers.

Yellow Rib

The ribs were fun to watch, but I was much more taken with the working boats at their moorings, and the clink clink of their chains in the breeze.

Working Boats

And this one made my own ropes seem neatly coiled and das Boot sparkling clean.

Untidy Ropes

It’s hard to imagine the Thames before the docks were built. They say so many boats would be in the Pool of London that you could cross the river by climbing from one to the other. Not something I’d like to attempt!

There must have been millions of gulls and cormorants on the convenient perches and roosts. Just like these.

Gull Aboard

A Convenient Roost

Cormorants by Custom House

8 thoughts on “Down by the Thames

  1. Hey, these are super Isobel, plus a great insight into Thames life, especially for those of us not lucky enough to see it on a daily basis. I suppose if I had to pick a favourite, the first one does it for me, its first class. Framed, this is worthy of any wall. I’m pleased you’ve encluded the cormorants too, there appears to be more and more of them, than ever before, we have a lot on the east coast.

    • The cormorants on the Thames here in London are now so numerous they are culled regularly. I like watching them. They stay under water so long when they dive.

      I prefer the pix of the gull and the ropes, but I find it impossible to be by Tower Bridge with a camera and not take a photograph!

  2. Isobel so much to see and learn about on your blog! A Rib, I’m going to google. Tower Bridge is extemely impressive. CH and I need to get out of our ruralness and explore! Starting with going back to St. Louis in Missouri but Florida first 🙂

  3. RIB – rigid inflatable boat. I know the yellow one is definitely a rib, and I hope the red one is too!
    I think there is always so much on our own doorsteps to explore. The Thames is local to me. Every time I go there I see something new. I am sure the same is true for you in your ruralness!

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