A River of Stones, Day Twenty-One: Teethmarks

From the window I can see something on top of the wall. It is small, barrel shaped and brown. It reminds me of a Kiwi fruit. In the garden, I peer up at it. It is a Kiwi fruit, incongruous on a garden wall in south London. I have my camera. I look at the fruit through the lens and see teeth marks. A fox has bitten into it and left it. Maybe the taste was too sharp for his sweet tooth.

8 thoughts on “A River of Stones, Day Twenty-One: Teethmarks

  1. Ah, well kiwi fruit, Isobel may not be attractive to foxes, but rats seem to love them. I speak here from experience.

    Imagine a fruit bowl on the dresser, and one morning I was puzzled to discover that the kiwi fruits were missing. Not just one, but several. One half eaten one was discovered by a hole in the kitchen, now blocked, This was only discovered by following the trail via my handbag which contained traces of the outside of said fruit.

    I have to admit, I haven’t bought any since.

    • I’m not surprised you haven’t bought any more. That would put me right off. At least it allowed you to find the hole, so it might be a good rat detector. The kiwi fruit is no longer on the wall. What has eaten it I wonder.

  2. Play thing for a fox or snack for some other creature – that little kiwi fruit at least had an “adventure” compared to being sliced up for some human’s dessert or snack! The foxes around here bring all kinds of things into our yard that they’ve found/stolen – kids toys (especially rubber balls), gloves – whatever is left out in a yard or dropped accidentally. They are quite the scavengers…..


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